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11:14 AM

Richard Ross — a remarkably talented photographer — came along for the most recent Need shoot and shot some behind-the-scenes photography and video.

The end-result is a fantastic window into the inner-workings of our Need shoots. (Whereby “inner-workings” refers to a group of eight people roaming around downtown Dallas with a series of lights, cameras, and a box or two of clothes.)

You’ll catch glimpses of JerSean Golatt, Matthew Miller, and Nick Clark in their various roles for the shoot, too.

12:09 PM

We put together a short behind-the-scenes video during our Need, Vol. 5 shoot this weekend. Enjoy!

(Video by Richard Ross)

11:59 AM

Need, Volume 5 is available now.

Outfit yourself for Spring with Noble, Bridge & Burn, General Assembly, and more.

12:45 PM


When others took their manufacturing operations overseas, we bid them farewell and went back to work here in Seattle, the city where we’ve made our goods for more than 100 years, and where we’ve opened a second factory.

A short distance apart, our two facilities allow us to keep an ever-watchful eye on quality, and give us the capacity to manufacture even more of our products in the United States.

What we believe in.

9:17 AM

There are a few units of the Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21 left, too. Move quickly!

9:15 AM

At the time of writing, there are four pairs of Red Wing Heritage Style No. 9111D left. (One of each size!)

1:16 PM

Reflecting on our early months, we decided to spotlight our favorite products from Volumes One and Two.

Although quantities are, as always, very limited, we thought we’d reward your support by providing discounts on our favorite items from our early days.

As such, we’ve introduced discounts of at least 25% on our favorite products from November and December. These are top-of-the-line, versatile, and stylistically unimpeachable products befitting all gentlemen. And they’re available, for a limited-time, at exceptionally low prices.

Volume One

Fjällräven Rucksack No. 21: $175 $130

Jiberish Heavyweight Wool Field Shirt: $90 $65

Red Wing Heritage Style No. 9111 D: $240 $180

Filson Weekender Coat: $320 $240

Volume Two

Jiberish x Woolrich Double-Breasted Coat: $395 $295

Hugh & Crye MacMillan Blazer: $245 $195


1:58 PM

Announcing Need, Volume 4: Impressions.

Honored to feature amazing products from four Dallas-area startup brands, Mizzen+Main, Foot Cardigan, Carter & Reese, and Rye 51 x Need.

Volume 4 also features the likes of Nudie Jeans Co., Kitmen Keung, Offscreen, and Man of the World.

Leave a lasting impression.

3:21 PM

Our founder will be speaking as part of Digital Dallas’ upcoming panel, Digital Commerce in the Omni-Channel Age.

(Disregard the jargon in the latter half of the title.)

Tickets are $25 through February 14, 2014. Each ticket provides you with top notch cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

We hope to see you there.

1:44 PM

Help bring The Great Discontent to print.

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